Can a farm be „too large“ or „too small“ for WWOOF?

Nov 17, 2022

The host directory gathers a wide range of small farms, self-catering farms, market gardens, beekeepers, solawis.

At what size might a farm be “too large” for WWOOF? 100 ha? 250 ha?

And what minimum size might make sense? 1 ha perhaps?

For us, it has turned out that it is not so much the number of hectares, but rather other aspects that determine whether a farm is eligible for the host directory.

First of all, there is the question of focus. Can the activities on site be attested to have an agricultural / horticultural / self-sustaining focus? Farms are “too small” if this focus is not given. This also makes sense, because if there is a “towel-sized” vegetable patch on the doorstep, this certainly does not represent a focus of activities on site, but the focus is to be located elsewhere. Perhaps the focus is on room rentals, horseback riding, running a seminar house, etc. Or the people who live on the farm are working away from home during the day. Here comes a second consideration: Can WWOOFers be meaningfully involved in the daily farm life together? – If they are alone on the farm, they hardly can.

It is precisely this aspect that can determine whether a farm is “too large”. “large” in the sense of “a lot of area” can sometimes be attributed to the fact that this area is extensively farmed. Pasture land, for example, that is used only once a year. Here, it is quite conceivable that WWOOFers can be meaningfully involved in a common farm routine, e.g., controlling the herd or moving the animals frequently. “Large” can also involve, however, the person who would fall into the host role delegating all the work and managing the overall operation. Can WWOOFers be meaningfully involved in a shared daily farm routine here? Probably not.

At WWOOF Germany, it is the “Host Liaison Team” that deals with these questions in detail. Members of the “Host Liaison Team” visit farms that want to be newly included in the host list. Thus, we have a good basis for the decision, as well as personal contact with the hosts in the list from the beginning.

What is a “dual membership”?

What is a “dual membership”?

WWOOFing together is fun! A dual membership is intended for two WWOOFers, such as a couple, two friends, or families. (Children under 18, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, do not need a WWOOF membership, nor do they need to be included in a dual account.)...

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