Our first WWOOFing experience with over 60 years

Jun 5, 2023

The decision to participate in WWOOFing was a step into the unknown for us. Without any experience in this field, we started looking for a suitable farm. After careful consideration and a few visits, we were sure: We would like to share our experience and decided on the Unterleinleiter farm. It was not too far away and seemed to fit our ideas perfectly.

Tolerance and learning together

The fact that we shared the same vision as sisters was beneficial for our wwoofing mission from the beginning. It facilitated collaboration and learning together. The question arises whether we would have dared to take this step alone. The answer is uncertain, as the support of our own sister throughout the process was invaluable. At the Unterleinleiter farm, we had the opportunity to contribute our part to the everyday life of our hosts and to support them. This exchange was of great benefit to both sides and brought us gratitude and affirmation.

Acceptance and tolerance: One of the most important lessons we learned during our time at the Unterleinleiter farm was the acceptance of lifestyles that are often very different from those of our generation. Especially when dealing with young people and children, we realized how important tolerance is. By being with them, we were able to better understand their point of view and habits. This experience taught us that mutual acceptance is a key to successful cooperation and harmonious coexistence.

Insight in the region

In addition to our work on the farm, we were lucky enough to explore the beautiful Franconian Switzerland and the city of Bamberg by bike or car. The opportunity to see new places and experience the regional culture broadened our horizons and further enriched our wwoofing experience.

Our first wwoofing experience at Hof Unterleinleiter was a success on many levels. We had the opportunity to share our experiences and learn a lot of new things at the same time. We are grateful for this valuable experience and can only recommend WWOOF to any person – no matter what age – if they are willing to learn, give and practice tolerance.

Gabi and Marlies

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