An artist in search of the queen: Jimmy’s drawings from his WWOOF stay

Aug 8, 2023

Unique experiences, fascinating encounters and the wonderful world of bees – all creatively captured by Jimmy, a drawing artist, during his WWOOF stay.

His drawings tell the story of a passionate journey in search of the queen in the hive and offer a unique insight into life on a farm that is characterized by nature and beekeeping.

The farm is run by Fabian, a down-to-earth beekeeper who leaves the bureaucratic stuff behind to devote himself entirely to the beauty of country life. For him, bees are at the center of everything he does. Jimmy describes how Fabian manages paperwork early in the morning before devoting himself fully to the bees that fill his heart.

The challenges facing the farm are enormous,
as the weather has a direct impact on bee life.

Together with Mujahed, Fabian plans the day to make conditions optimal for the bees. Drought in the summer could affect the entire ecosystem, making concern for the bees and the environment even more important.

Jimmy reports an exhausting day searching for queens. The scorching sun and hidden queen bees made the task a real challenge. However, Jimmy and his fellow volunteers were not discouraged and eventually found what they were looking for. The queens were marked with colored dots to make them easier to identify among the other bees – an inventive trick Fabian uses to protect and care for his bees.

As a WWOOFer, Jimmy is fortunate to enjoy a lot of freedom in his work. The trust Fabian places in him allows him to explore on his own. Fabian is an enthusiastic storyteller who can hardly hide his love for bees and beekeeping. It is sometimes difficult for Jimmy to keep track of Fabian’s ideas, but he appreciates the opportunity to record and understand the beekeeper’s inspiring thoughts.

In addition to Fabian, Ori is another part of the farm. Once a WWoofer like Jimmy, Ori is now a full-time employee and enriches life on the farm with interesting conversations about jazz, art, bees and, of course, German beer.

Jimmy draws not only the queens, but all the little moments and events that make life on the farm so unique. His pictures capture the beauty of nature, the harmony between man and bee, and the passion for farming. Each drawing tells a story and gives viewers a deeper insight into life on the farm.

Amidst flowers, buzzing bees and the warm atmosphere of the farm, Jimmy has spent an unforgettable time. His drawings become a memory that forever captures life on the land and the magic of bees.

This WWOOF stay not only sparked his artistic creativity, but also strengthened his appreciation for nature and the importance of bee conservation.

Jimmy’s journey as an artist in search of the queen in the hive is a wonderful example of how a connection to nature and beekeeping can be an inspiring source of creativity and joy in life. The world of bees is mysterious and fascinating, and Jimmy has managed to capture their beauty and significance in his drawings.

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What is a “dual membership”?

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