New look for the WWOOF website

Feb 13, 2024

We have some news for you: comes with a new look and so do the websites of 21 other WWOOF national organizations that are using the Common WWOOF Platform.

With the changes at hand, we improved the interface of the site to make it clearer, easier to use, and more modern. This update also aimed for a better usability when on mobile.

Here is a list of the most important new features in detail:

  • The map has been simplified to better display the names of cities.
  • On host profiles, the sections dealing with accommodation and meals are moved lower to give less priority to food and lodging and instead a higher priority to agricultural practices.
  • Photos are shown no longer linear but in a mosaic: One larger photo as the main photo + two smaller photos next to it. With the Show More button, all further pictures can be seen in their original format – both horizontal and vertical pictures are in fact displayed in their entirety. You have the ability to add a caption to each photo, plus you can rotate, crop or enlarge images before saving them.
  • We have created a block with information regarding communications, e.g. languages spoken and response rate, as well as the Send request button. The block is next to the calendar so as to help WWOOFers understand if the host is available during the period of their interest. The block with the Send request button is located below the host description and learning opportunities, no longer at the bottom of the page, to encourage WWOOFers to send requests more easily.
  • When you log into your profile on a mobile device, both Notifications and Messages are now concealed behind one button called Inbox.
  • There is a new filter for messages, called Unanswered: it will be very useful especially for hosts to easily locate requests to which they have not yet responded.

All changes have been made to bring you greater ease of use of the site. We hope you feel comfortable with the new look 🌱

If you have any questions, concerns or comments for us please write to

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