Farm Projects – A new project coming up for you?

Mar 1, 2024

In addition to the host list, where you can browse through all the WWOOF farms in Germany at any time, there are also the farm projects (displayed in airtable). What is special about them? – Farm projects are events specially announced by WWOOF hosts in order to realize specific projects together with WWOOFers.

While the host list tells you which farms you can choose from for your next WWOOF stay, farm projects show you which activities will be taking place on WWOOF farms at a specific time. You can then contact the host to take part in a farm project as usual via the corresponding host profile.

Maybe it’s because spring is already in the air, but there are plenty of wwoofy farm projects to discover right now! Take a look and see if there’s a new project coming up for you too…

Ask your host!

Ask your host!

WWOOF Hosts around the world have so much knowledge to share about organic agriculture and sustainable living. We’d like to capture that wisdom & start conversations, through our new video campaign “Ask Your Host”⁠⁠Here’s a few tips to join in on the fun:⁠💭 Give...