Ask your host!

Jun 25, 2024

WWOOF Hosts around the world have so much knowledge to share about organic agriculture and sustainable living. We’d like to capture that wisdom & start conversations, through our new video campaign “Ask Your Host”⁠

Here’s a few tips to join in on the fun:⁠
💭 Give your host some time to think about their answer. They may be simple q’s, but they most likely have big, thoughtful answers ⁠
📹 Capture your video in a vertical format, and try to keep the time under a minute or two per question ⁠
✨ Share your video by posting and tagging @wwoof, #askyourhost, and or emailing us directly at⁠
🌱 All language responses are welcomed. We plan to reshare with subtitles if needed!⁠

Any questions before capturing? Let us know below. Happy filming! 🌾✨📸

What is a “dual membership”?

What is a “dual membership”?

WWOOFing together is fun! A dual membership is intended for two WWOOFers, such as a couple, two friends, or families. (Children under 18, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, do not need a WWOOF membership, nor do they need to be included in a dual account.)...