Host Grant

Credit: Marije Van Woerden

Promote solidarity between people as well as an ethical economy” is one of the basic aims of WWOOF’s movement around the world.

Since 2011, WWOOF Portugal has made available to our hosts, every year, a grant to support a project on their farms. This year we are offering a 500 euro grant for this purpose.

The idea is to foster the development of improvement projects or interaction with WWOOFers in addition to, of course, contributing even more to building a global community conscious of ecological farming and sustainability practices.

Examples might include (but are not limited to) the creation of new habitats (wildflower meadows?), herb spirals, forest gardens or raised beds, tree planting projects, building compost toilets (or bins), water harvesting, creating or improving WWOOFer accommodations, and alternative pest control.

Who can apply?

All hosts who have been a member of WWOOF Portugal for at least the past 1 year.

How does it work?

1- The Host must present a project using this form within the submission’s period;

2- Based mostly on WWOOF’s Mission & Values, an independent panel of WWOOF PT collaborators will choose one project to be funded;

3- After signing down a contract, the selected host will receive 250 euros to begin the project;

4- When the project is done, a Final Report should be sent (deadline 31st/October/2022) and then the host will receive the remaining 250 euros.

What can I include as a cost in the project?

You can include essential materials or tools you must buy to complete your project.

You cannot include your working time but you can include the working time for a highly specialized job that you (or most of us) are not able to do i.e. you need to hire a professional for a specific part of the job.

When applying, we encourage you to think about your farm and how it can be improved. Then consider some planning on your part, the funding offered by WWOOF Portugal plus the voluntary help of the WWOOF community and you will see that many hands make the work much lighter! The more WWOOFer involvement the better – let’s work together to share skills and make it happen. We look forward to working with you!

How can I prove that the project is done?

A Project’s Final Report must be sent by the 31st Oct 2022. In this report, we’ll ask you to include 5 to 10 pictures and a 3 to 5 min video (a simple one, can be made with your cell phone’s camera!) showing the process of execution. All these images might be used by WWOOF for promotion in our social media. And, don’t worry if taking photos and editing videos is not really your cup of tea: remember there’s always a WWOOFer up for this kind of task!

Also important to know that someone from WWOOF Portugal team may visit your place before and after your project begins.

Any further question?


Here are the Host grant winners of the previous years:

(Due to the pandemic situation, 2020 and 2021’s editions had to be canceled)


The 2019 grant went to setup a solar shower inside a greenhouse.

As with many solar showers, the project is compound by a heating system of 100 meters of black pipe, a storage tank of 300 L and a shower cabin made mainly with local wood from the farm.

The idea was to build all the 3 parts of the system in a small greenhouse facing south that will also be used to grow vegetables. Then the solar shower would help to keep the greenhouse hot, while the greenhouse would also help to keep the water and cabin at a nice temperature.


Implement and run a forest garden based both on experience with market gardening and Ernst Gotsch’s syntropic agriculture.


Due to a severe fire that totally destroyed one host farm at Madeira Island we donate the amount of the grant directly to them without opening a contest.


This year the price went to organize a free workshop and to build a clay WWOOFers house.


This host was sponsored to build a 10.000 liters water tank and 700 meters of irrigation system.

This project will allow the host to expand their vegetable garden and have less work during the long dry season.


Sponsoring a shower block with the water supplied from the river using a RAM pump, heated using the power of the sun and recycled to irrigate the crops afterwards.


This grant went to build a roof and buy some solar equipment on a farm on Central Portugal.

They completed the project with success and the WWOOFers can enjoy now a beautiful outside kitchen!


The grant went initially to dig a lake that will provide a rain water reservoir. As the host underestimated the budget necessary to build the lake, he gave up the grant.

The grant was redirected to the second place to build a clay house to function as a kitchen with an extra room for cheese production and storage.