Our Team

Jan-Philipp Gutt, Chair – WWOOF-Germany
Director of FOWO (Federation Of WWOOF Organisations)

Jan-Philipp attended the WWOOF Whitsun meeting in 2007, which motivated him to spend a year visiting WWOOF farms in Germany and Spain, to join the WWOOF Germany team, to study agricultural science in Vienna, to beekeep, to spend a year on a goat farm, to cycle from farm to farm for quite a long time, to co-found a small community project in a former water mill in Thuringia, to start a WWOOF-Germany office in the middle of the country and to help shaping the destiny of the FOWO Federation.

At WWOOF he finds freedom and responsibility, motivation, time spent in friendship, adventure and worldwide cooperation – a unique world of experience.

Frank Mindermann, Vice-Chair – WWOOF-Germany

WWOOF is Frank’s passion since 1987. This means he accompanied WWOOF-Germany for quite some years now and this has always been exciting and touching for him. His responsibilities have been various: At the moment his heart beats for the organization of WWOOF-meetings, every single one taking place at another host farm with individual projects. What is being created here, far beyond any monetary exchange, is impressing time and time again, he would say, or: “The atmosphere at our events is something you must have experienced.”

Apart from that he often is on the move with his „WWOOF caravan“.

Martina Zienert, Treasurer
Board Member

Born as a border crosser in the former zonal border area of the Bavarian Rhön, Martina stopped off in what was then West Berlin and also briefly in Santiago de Chile.

When, in the middle oft he 90s, she stranded in the little village Karnitz in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the concept of sustainable development, which was getting approved more and more at the time, made sense to her and renovating as well as setting up the old farm building in Karnitz went along with the idea of a sustainable lifestyle.

Together with her husband Joachim Borner and with many friends she runs the project as a culture-meets-nature space in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. You are welcome to come by: Projekthof Karnitz (external link)

Julia Ilg, Communications and PR

Julia loves to tackle and develop new things. As a self-sufficiency specialist, she has a wide range of training and has been able to deepen her interest in agricultural topics. In addition, there is nothing more exciting for her than contact with different people and their stories. No wonder, because as a studied social pedagogue/social manager as well as systemic consultant, social topics are also close to her heart. The opportunity to build up the areas of public relations and communication at WWOOF came at just the right time. After many years in a management position at a university, Julia took some time off during which she could finally go wwoofing. And now she can combine her passion with her work. Feel free to contact her at pr@wwoof.de for any press inquiries – or if you want to tell your own personal WWOOF story.

Kristina Schulze, Assembly of Active Members
Coordination Host Liaison – Nor

WWOOF has been a vital and important part of Kristinas life since 2014. By that time she lived in Berlin, longing for nature, quietness, fresh air and a different way of living. As she hardly knew anybody living in the country, she did not know how to start things to find a way out of the noisy and stressful city-life. Somebody told her about the WWOOF Whitsun-meeting. She set out for the meeting and a little later arranged her first WWOOF stay close to the Baltic Sea. Through WWOOF I travelled almost every Federal State in Germany now and had the opportunity to learn to know diversity and hospitality of my home country at WWOOF farms. I met numerous great people, discovered wonderful landscape and learnt a lot about an alternative way of living that is careful with natural resources and appreciates the significance of nature. I am happy about being part of WWOOF-Germany.

Patricia Fuchs
Coordination Host Liaison – South

Patricia is a physiotherapist and CSA-starter and loves permacultural thinking and acting. In her free time, she loves to go wwoofing in Germany to get to know new farms and expand her agricultural knowledge.

Since 2022 she has been a regional supervisor for host farms in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. In her work for WWOOF, she can act out her love of networking in an optimal way and she is always happy when she can build bridges between folk and farms.

Patricia loves to connect farms and people for a vibrant WWOOF world.

Many volunteers support WWOOF-Germany, especially liaising with host farmers

Team meeting in Odernheim/ Glan, February 2023