Our Team

Charlotte Brouessard
Lives and works from her van in the Algarve. She loves dancing and handicrafts of all kinds. Charlotte has been connected with WWOOF Portugal for almost 10 years and really believes in the principles of WWOOFing. The next step? Have her own farm and receive WWOOFers. She is a member of the board of WWOOF PT since 2014.

Isa de Oliveira

Executive secretary
Isa de Oliveira is a permanent traveler, in Europe since the last 4 years, using a bicycle and a trailer to move around with her dog Pipoca from farm to farm: more than 7,000 km were ridden and some dozens of farms within 5 countries visited. She likes focusing her efforts on projects related to sustainability, community driven and agroecology. Member of the WWOOF PT board since 2019.

Ricardo Lopes
Is an economist that “cultivate” the finances of WWOOF Portugal.
He has interest in organic farming, folk dance and long walks.

Marije van Woerden
Marije is a photographer from Holland. She has been traveling in her van all around Portugal to visit lots of WWOOF hosts. She helps with the marketing and is a member of the board of WWOOF PT since 2019.

Diana Mira
She worked with cultural projects for many years and now runs a Guest House in her hometown, Évora. Enjoys dancing very much and outdoor activities. She is currently the executive secretary at WWOOF Portugal and a member of the board since 2019.

Manuela Pires da Fonseca
Manuela lives on a farm in Covilhã, and is interested in small-scale singular agriculture: pumpkins that grow on little shelves on stone walls, or tomatoes planted in the shade of brooms. She is part of the WWOOF PT board since 2019.

Lucas Apitz
Lucas is a WWOOF enthusiast since 2013 and has been a regular host since then. He is dedicated to hot compost water heating structures (Biomiler), also a natural construction and sustainability enthusiast. He lives in a farm in the area of ​​Coimbra. Member of WWOOF PT board since 2019.

Laurence Manchee
Laurence is a permaculture educator, gardener and a WWOOF Portugal host since 2016. He is the co-founder with his wife of the permaculture project Keela Yoga Farm in central Portugal. Previous to this Laurence was a volunteer at various farms. Member of the WWOOF Portugal board since 2019.

Rossano Fillipini
Italian, Rosso arrived to Portugal 10 years ago, bought a farm where, together with his wife Jeongmin, from South Korea, applies regenerative agro-forestry systems. A world traveler (60 countries so far!), he is since many years also engaged with civil society organizations. He is a wwoof host and became a member of the WWOOF PT board in 2019.

Nuno Amaral
After several years as a WWOOFer in Portugal, learning with some portuguese hosts, he wants to be able to do farming on his own in the near future in Portugal. He lives in Santarém, and is a member of WWOOF PT board since 2019.

Willian Mingozzi
is doing the english review for WWOOF Portugal. He is a nomadic translator and proofreader, he spent a year WWOOFing in the Azores, and the experience changed his life! He loves travel, meeting new people, and growing his own organic food.

Anna Oberleitner
Anna is a marketing professional with a big passion for yoga and a sustainable lifestyle. She lives in Germany but is hoping to spend more and more time in Portugal in the future.

If you have any specific skills, some brilliant ideas or want to help, you are really welcome. Just send us an email to: info@wwoof.pt